Drug Testing

  • In-home drug tests for $60 a test. 12 panel test can be done supervised or unsupervised. Results provided the next business day.
  • Quick test drug screen - results in 5 minutes. Lab based drug screen results in 24-48 hours. Costs range from $50 for a 5 panel and $60 witness testing.
  • Instant drug tests (2-10 minutes), prevention, and education. Drug detection program (swipe tests for residue on items like phone, keyboards, and lockers), parternity tests, and pre-employment drug tests. Costs range from $4 for alcohol saliva tests, $15 for a 5 panel test, and $20 for a 10-panel test (other tests …

Nebraska Mental Health.com offers a general definition of common evaluations, however encourages individuals to check with their insurance carrier regarding specific evaluation requirements as they may differ by carrier.