“It’s no coincidence that four of the six letters in HEALTH are HEAL.” – Ed Northstrum

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Mental health, along with physical health, is what defines our overall well-being. It is at the very core of how we see and react to the world around us. Recognizing the need for mental health services shows courage and strength. It is taking control of what matters most – you and your family!
Nebraska Mental Health helps you navigate your mental health needs in one, easy-to-use location. Let us provide you with the knowledge, resources and care you deserve.

About Us

Over ten years ago, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) noted there were a growing number of children and youth who needed better access and more appropriate mental health services.  In 2013, with support from the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation (NCFF), Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare, and The Kim Foundation, Project Harmony joined ranks with Nebraska Families Collaborative and over thirty other partners to improve mental health services for children and youth in the Omaha Metropolitan Area.

NebraskaMentalHealth.com is an outcome of this effort.

NebraskaMentalHealth.com provides centralized access to local and regional mental health information in a single location.  The goal of NebraskaMentalHealth.com is to expand knowledge about mental health terminology and to help connect those in need with the mental health information, treatment, and services.  The website includes:

  • Basic mental health information;
  • Common mental health terminology;
  • Information about evidence based therapy practices (EBPs);
  • Local therapist information;
  • Links to mental health related sites on the local, state, and national levels; and,
  • Other resource addressing basic needs (such as transportation, food pantries, and utility assistance).

With new resources added continually, this isn’t just about finding a mental health provider.  It is about feeling informed and empowered.


Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare Disaster Response 2019

On March 14, the phone rang at Region 6.  Fremont, NE emergency management had declared a possible emergency with the Platte and Elkhorn rivers.  The report was that there was a “rush” of water coming towards Fremont and the area needs to prepare.  Methodist Fremont Health was calling the Healthcare Coalition to prepare for possible evacuation of the facility.  There were 16 behavioral health patients at the facility and if the hospital would take on water they would need to be evacuated to other facilities.  Thankfully the hospital did not take on water and no patients needed to be moved but this was just the start!

On March 16, the phone rang and the person on the other line stated that there are evacuations taking place all throughout Douglas, Sarpy, Dodge and Washington Counties.  Numerous shelters were set up and evacuees were on the way and mental health first aiders were needed.  Region 6 staff and Medical Reserve Corps volunteers arrived at shelters in Douglas and Sarpy County to assist with mental health needs.  This group worked 18 hours per day until the shelters closed at the end of March.

On March 18, Region 6 staff began to tour the damage in all five Counties.  The State of Nebraska developed a centralized line for survivors to call for mental health assistance.  Nebraska Strong was developed and the Nebraska Rural Response Hotline was the response line for assistance and confidential mental health assistance.

The Federal Government declared all five counties in Region 6 as disaster areas and this lead to the development of the Crisis Counseling Program.  Region 6, with the guidance and leadership of the Nebraska Division of Behavioral Health, applied for a grant to assist those affected in the area.  What this allowed the Region to do was to hire 16 crisis outreach workers, two team leaders and a child specialist to respond to the disaster.  These teams are going door to door reaching out to survivors that might be experiencing a mental health crisis and offering referrals to local providers, providing support and guidance on services in the region and making sure that all of the mental health needs are being addressed.

The Nebraska Strong Recovery Project is up and running in Region 6 and the continuation grant has been submitted to the Federal Government to allow the outreach teams to work through March 2020.