“It’s no coincidence that four of the six letters in HEALTH are HEAL.” – Ed Northstrum

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Mental health, along with physical health, is what defines our overall well-being. It is at the very core of how we see and react to the world around us. Recognizing the need for mental health services shows courage and strength. It is taking control of what matters most – you and your family!
Nebraska Mental Health helps you navigate your mental health needs in one, easy-to-use location. Let us provide you with the knowledge, resources and care you deserve.

About Us

Over ten years ago, the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (AACAP) noted there were a growing number of children and youth who needed better access and more appropriate mental health services.  In 2013, with support from the Nebraska Children and Families Foundation (NCFF), Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare, and The Kim Foundation, Project Harmony joined ranks with Nebraska Families Collaborative and over thirty other partners to improve mental health services for children and youth in the Omaha Metropolitan Area.

NebraskaMentalHealth.com is an outcome of this effort.

NebraskaMentalHealth.com provides centralized access to local and regional mental health information in a single location.  The goal of NebraskaMentalHealth.com is to expand knowledge about mental health terminology and to help connect those in need with the mental health information, treatment, and services.  The website includes:

  • Basic mental health information;
  • Common mental health terminology;
  • Information about evidence based therapy practices (EBPs);
  • Local therapist information;
  • Links to mental health related sites on the local, state, and national levels; and,
  • Other resource addressing basic needs (such as transportation, food pantries, and utility assistance).

With new resources added continually, this isn’t just about finding a mental health provider.  It is about feeling informed and empowered.


Each year, approximately 100,000 adolescents and young adults in the United States experience a first episode of psychosis (calculated from McGrath, Saha, Chant, et al., 2008).  Psychosis can disrupt a young person’s social, vocational, and academic development, underscoring the need for early intervention and effective treatment.

In 2015, the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Behavioral Health supported two pilot sites for the development of early psychosis treatment programs.  OnTrack of the Heartland, the first episode psychosis treatment program serving Cass, Dodge, Douglas, Sarpy and Washington Counties, provides recovery-oriented treatment for both youth and adults who have recently begun to experience psychosis.  The program is modeled after the Coordinated Specialty Care evidenced-based treatment team model developed through the National Institute of Mental Health’s research program Recovery After an Initial Schizophrenia Episode or RAISE, designed to improve the trajectory and prognosis of schizophrenia.  Comprehensive and coordinated behavioral health services including family support and education, psychotherapy, medication management, care coordination and supported employment and education services are provided by a team of behavioral health professionals.

OnTrack of the Heartland was developed through a partnership between Heartland Family Service, Community Alliance, and Region 6 Behavioral Healthcare.  The program recently modified the admission criteria to expand the population eligible for services.  For more information about the program including admission criteria, please click on the link below or contact Mindy Blair with Heartland Family Service at (402)552-7003 or OnTrackoftheHeartland@HeartlandFamilyService.org

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